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The Adriatic Kitchen 

Barbara Unkovic has always been drawn to the land of her father, the sun-soaked Croatian island of Korcula in the Adriatic Sea. She lived there for seven years in the seaside village of Racisce, immersed in its way of life, its culture, history and food.

Now, inspired by the island’s culinary traditions and its abundance of fresh seasonal ingredients, Barbara has produced The Adriatic Kitchen, a rustic kitchen notebook full of irresistible recipes and evocative memories.

Over 70 simple yet delicious recipes are included. The Adriatic Kitchen is a must-have for those wanting to experience traditional food at its best.

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Weeds in the Garden of Eden

In 2005 author Barbara Unkovic visited Croatia where members of her family had been living for the last seven generations.  On the island of Korcula, the original home of her father's family, she discovered her soul and began a new life in a peaceful unspoilt paradise on the edge of the Adriatic Sea.

Weeds in the Garden of Eden, her second book, is a rich absorbing account of her purchase of a 200 year old uninhabited stone house in the timeless village of Racisce; seasonal life amongst the lush vineyards and olive groves and her encounters with the tainted Croatian bureaucratic system in a land where the volatile inhabitants have spent the last 800 years fighting to gain independence.

Overflowing with humour, passion and reality, Weeds in the Garden of Eden paints a picture as brilliant blue as the Adriatic Sea.  However, things are not always as romantic as they seem in the small traditional Croatian fishing village.  Interfamily feuds, superstition and long memories all create currents of unrest in this apparent paradise.


A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

After living in Croatia for seven years, author Barbara Unkovic returned to her New Zealand birthplace for an extended family holiday.  With holiday over, and eager to be back in her adopted homeland, Barbara's joy upon her return to Croatia is marred by the rude welcome she receives.

Barbara and her husband Denis, had set up home in the beautiful village of Racišce on the island of Korcula, on the edge of the brilliant blue Adriatic Sea.  On the surface, this is an idyllic paradise; however, beneath that illusion it is something else entirely ...

Hurt and confused by her welcome, Barbara is determined to stay in Croatia, if only to search out the answers to the many puzzles and strange revelations that have come to light regarding the Croatian side of her family - events which her father was never prepared to discuss with her.

Paradise is tainted even further when a possible buyer for the ruin next door appears and neighbours create even more overwhelming disturbances.

Will colourful holidays to Hvar, and the war-scarred cities of Mostar and Sarajevo be sufficient to restore her sende of belonging, and help her deal with the inescapable tentacles of communism which threaten to destroy not only her home, but also her sense of well-being and happiness?

Moon Walking

Often funny, sometimes tragic but always original and insightful, this new, entertaining collection of short fiction includes nine award-winning tales.  Barbara’s writing is bold, clear and distinctive.

Take a trip from the former Yugoslavia to the ‘new’ Croatia and continue on to New Zealand.  Feel Ivan’s fear when German soldiers invade his village in 1943. Visit Goli Otok, Marshall Tito’s Private Concentration Camp where Jak spends his 22nd birthday and imagine the boy who was given shrapnel instead of sweets during the Homeland War in 1993.

A must-read for the lover of short fiction.

"Entertaining, perceptive, funny and thought-provoking slices of life, history and fantasy drawn from Author Barbara Unkovic's rich Croatian Heritage and vivid imagination."

Andrew Grant - well-known NZ author.

Barbara Unkovic is of Croatian and English descent and was born in New Zealand. She is the author of five published books.  Her other titles include Adriatic Blue, Weeds in the Garden of Eden and A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing.

Adriatic Blue

When Author Barbara Unkovic returned to live in Croatia, the home of her ancestors, she was captivated by the timeless web of Croatian characters and the ghost of D. H. Lawrence, enabling her to pen her first collection of short fiction.

Adriatic Blue is an anthology of short fiction from New Zealand to Croatia with a number of unexpected detours along the way - the horrifying reality of the Balkan War; the haunting tale of Nadia's life in a strange new land. Mary, the wicked seductress who wanted more and Helen, who contends with her husband's perverted desires.

These are tales of substance and style about different people in different worlds. Funny, personal, sometimes shocking, but definitely different.

Barbara Unkovic is of Croatian and English descent and was born in New Zealand. She is the author of five published books and has achieved considerable success in the Frank O'Connor and International Book Awards as well as Fish Publishing Prizes and Writers' Billboard.

Furry Blur

Bold, distinctive and written with an acute sense of observation, these diverse tales highlight Unkovic’s skill as a talented writer of Flash Fiction.

Twenty-eight tales with clear-cut voices from sweet to shocking.

A unique collection and a must-read.



ISBN 978192533361